Greg Maxson Ai Brushes Vol.01


Greg Maxson Ai Brushes Vol.01


Ever wanted to create a strand of barbed wire to wrap around a logo for extra flair? Have a need for realistic rope in Illustrator, but don’t have the time to build it? Ever tried to wrap a bicycle chain perfectly around the sprockets in Illustrator? Wrapping the chain around a chainsaw bar link-by-link in Illustrator is excruciating. Use the chainsaw chain brush instead and lower your blood pressure by 5 points. Do all of this and more with this set of pattern brushes.

Here are the brushes:

Barbed wire brush
Bicycle chain brush
Bicycle tread brush
Bolt/screw-head brushes (3)
Chain brush
Chainsaw chain brush
Drafting brush (2)
Light pull-chain brush
O-ring brush
Rope brushes (6)
Seismograph brush
Telephone cable brush
Wire brushes (2)
Zipper brush

All of the brushes are constructed precisely, tile seamlessly, and have been used in production. Use the brushes as they are, or use them as a jumping off point to build your own versions. Compatible with Illustrator CS3 and later.

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